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Create trust & hold credibility with customers, partners & shareholders.
Strive to become a reputable supplier of plastic raw materials that wins customers' trust, create business opportunities with customers, and fulfill the company's role and responsibility in society
Provide Exellent Service and Create First-Class Benefit
The core value is people-oriented and attaches importance to "personal cultivation, sincerity, integrity and love". To put it simply, it is "life growth.”


Billion Ascent Bangladesh Established
Billion Chemical Established
Billion Ascent Vietnam Established
China Office Operation
Vietnam Office Operation
Billion Ascent HongKong Established

Why our company is always the leading choice

Supply many plastic bead lists in the market
Billion Ascent now offers a wide range of plastic resins in the market today such as ABS, SAN, POM, PC, SBS, PA6, PA66, PMMA, PP, HDPE, HIPS, GPPS, ABS Powder, ASA ...
Large warehouse, good delivery service
Billion Ascent now has large warehouses in Tay Ninh and Cu Chi provinces to help ensure the source of goods is always guaranteed.
Familiar partners of vendors
Billion Ascent is currently the main agent of the largest plastic resins manufacturers in the world today such as Celanes, Wanhua, Sabic ...
Professional staff
Billion Ascent has young, active, enthusiastic, high profestional and good language comunication. Always ensure the quality of service for each customer.



50 Billion

Charter Capital

+ 300

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